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monochromatore یا تک فام کننده

monochromatore یا تک فام کننده

monochromator,مونوکروماتور,تکفام کننده,شبکه,منشور,فیلتر,grating,filter,prism,scattering,
  what does a monochromator system do? different type of monochromators...   filters-grating-prism .monochromators have an ability to select different wavelengths they also determine the sensivity of the  system filters are the cheapest and simplest ones.they don't have the ability to scan different wavelengths. they're used in photometeres. and in quantitative works. فیلترهای جذبی:the absorption filters they are specialy for visible area the effective width is 50nm their absorption…
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